your diet after detox

Once you have completed your four-week detoxification programme you can either follow the week-four guidelines for a further two weeks or you can return to a normal diet.
If you return to a normal diet, gradually reintroduce wheat products in the first week. If you experience any symptoms in response to them, eliminate wheat from your diet permanently. Dairy products should be reintroduced during the second week and any symptoms monitored. Again, if you have an adverse response, eliminate dairy products from your diet permanently.
Continue to practise as many aspects of the detox diet as you can and make sure that you apply the following principles to your long-term diet and lifestyle.
l Keep drinking plenty of water. Drink mineral water with a low mineral content (page 138) unless advised and supervised by a doctor or nutritionist.
l Eat meat and drink wine, coffee and tea in moderation.
l Keep up your exercise programme.
l Follow the detox programme annually and repeat the first two weeks of the plan twice a year: once in the autumn and once in the spring.
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