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Using only
acupuncture,Chinese herbal medicine and homeopathy I treat a wide spectrum of conditions, using acupuncture treatment for Unexplained infertility, Secondary infertility High FSH or low AMH, Support for IVF & other Assisted Reproductive Treatments. Acupuncture for general well-being and support for Miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage,Ovarian cysts, Endometriosis PCOS and other hormonal imbalances low progesterone,  Exhaustion or chronic fatigue Menstrual irregularities Stress, depression or anxiety. I can also help increase the chances of success at IVF/IUI as well as offering support to women during pregnancy and childbirth. I have 30 years experience in acupuncture treatment for infertility, and all the conditions associated with pregnancy and afterbirth
My two children were born naturally with the help of acupuncture and homeopathy

Scientific research shows that acupuncture increase the rate of success of IVF:

The first important studies on this subject was carried in 2002 by Wolfgang E. Paulus, M.D.,[a] Mingmin Zhang, M.D et Al , and was followed by many across the world. In February 2008, Dr Eric Manheimer, Grant Zhang, Laurence Udoff et Al published a meta-analysis of 108 studies, from which seven were selectedfor their sound scientific basis. The encouraging result indicate that acupuncture almost double the rate of success of IVF (from 26.3% to 42.5% ) in the Paulus study, and increase the rate by 65% in the more recent research from Manheimer.

Here are the links to the scientific studies mentioned
Paulus WE, Zhang M, Strehler E, El-Danasouri I, Sterzik K. Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy.
Dr Eric Manheimer, Grant Zhang, Laurence Udoff et Al

Other interesting studies:

Dieterle S, Ying G, Hatzmann W, Neuer A. Effect of acupuncture on the outcome of in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a randomized, prospective, controlled study.
Westergaard LG, Mao Q, Krogslund M, Sandrini S, Lenz S, Grinsted J. Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women: a prospective randomized trial.

Other links:

Male and female infertility are complex problems, to improve the general health as well as the fertility of my client, I often combine acupuncture with chinese Herbal medicine and/or homeopathy for better and quicker results.

I offer a number of packages to help couples who are planning for a baby, or experienced fertility problems.
I offer these package in collaboration with good experienced colleagues, in order to give you the most comprehensive support in dealing with these issues.
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fertility packages here
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Here is what some people have said:

Thank you for all your help and support over the last few months, as I said before when we had Theo - I dont think we could have done it without you!"
 Lindsey B

"Thank you so much for everything you did to help bring my baby boy into this world - you will never know how much I appreciate all the help and advice that you gave me."  
Helen S

"Cradling a sweet little boy, 7lbs 11oz born at 3pm this afternoon
Thank You for all your help"
Pierre jean cousin is the owner and manager of Cure By nature, a well established London acupuncture and complementary practice in Replingham road, Southfields he also works as an acupuncturist and herbalist at the London Kensington Therapy Centre.

London Acupuncture at Cure By Nature: clinics of acupuncture and complementary medicine at 95 Repligham Road london SW18 5LU and 211-213 kensington High Street London W8 6BD