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Homeopathic Remedies for Natural Childbirth:

these remedy can be of great help, but do not replace the advice and support of your midwife

The remedies mentioned here are usually part of homeopathy birth kits provided by Helios or Ainsworth
Here is a list of remedies to choose from according to symptoms and the evolution of labour
Labour: Stage 1:

GELSEMIUM 30: 2 tabs to accelerate dilatation from 5cm to 10cm

CAULOPPHYLLUM 30: 2 tabs every 30 minutes or 45 minutes according to progress

CIMICIFUGA 30: if contractions are too weak

CHAMOMILLA 30: take 2 tabs when needed to help with pain and irriability; add BELLADONNA 30 if the pain is severe and going in all directions

PULSATILLA 30: for restlessness with irritability or emotionnal upset

ACONITE 30: for intense anxiety or fear of dying

KALI CARB 30: 2 tabs when needed for sharp burning pain in lower back and pelvis

ARNICA 30: this will give extra energy and slow down contraction

Massage back with essential oil mix: to a base of Calendula or Almond oil, add 3% Rose Otto, 3% Geranium and 5% Clary Sage: use this mixture to massage the middle and lower back as often as needed.

Labour:Stage 2

Delivery: when crown appears: KALI CARB 30 followed by BELLIS PERRENIS 30

Immediatly after delivery: take 2 more tabs of BELLIS PERRENIS

Immediatly after expulsion of placenta: take 2 tabs of IPECAC 200, and 2 more 15 mn later (this is to prevent haemorrhaging).

Recovery stage: CARBO VEG: 2 tabs every 3 hours, then 3 time a day for the next day, and 2 tabs of Bellis Perrenis every 6 hours for

2 to 3 days

If stiches are necessary, take 2 tabs of STAPHYSAGRIA when in pain, and 2 tabs of CALENDULA 30 to facilitate healing of wounds

CHINA30: 2 tabs 4time a day if prolonged bleeding

Before birth, in the last few weeks of pregnancy:

HELIONAS 30: for abdominal discomfort in the last few weeks,2 tabs when needed

CIMICIFUGA 30: 2 tabs twice a week for the last 3 weeks to simulate Braxton Hicks contractions

CAULOPHYLLUM 9: 2 tabs once a day for the last 3 weeks to strenghten uterus and as a preparation for labour, it is also useful for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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