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What happen during acupuncture treatment?

On you first acupuncture consultation I will take a full case history, including past medical history, health antecedent, and all information relevant to your state of health and the condition that need to b treated
I will make my own diagnosis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also a homeopathic diagnosis and assess if you may need some herbal prescription.
Before the treatment I will explain to you what I will be doing, if anything feels uncomfortable, you can stop the session anytime
During an acupuncture treatment session, you may receive traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Chinese massage and acupressure, infra-red therapy.
I may give you some homeopathic remedies on the spot, or to take for a few days
I may also give you some herbal capsule to take or a herbal prescription
You need not to be worried about the needles: very few are used, and the majority of people doze off at some point during the treatment, if it did hurt you would not feel so relaxed
To get this level of service you would need normally to see three different practitioners and pay for three different consultations
I only do charge one fee for the triple consultation and the treatment.

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PJ Cousin M.B.Ac.C
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Pj Cousin is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council and of the Unified Register of herbal Practitioners

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Many private insurances cover acupuncture treatment, see below

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Pierre jean cousin is the owner and manager of Cure By nature, a well established London acupuncture and complementary practice in Replingham road, Southfields he also works as an acupuncturist and herbalist at the London Kensington Therapy Centre.

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